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Torfx Mobile Money Currency Transfer Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 22 March 2018

TorFX Mobile Money Transfer

TorFX Mobile Money Currency Transfer - Mobile Money Account Review

4.5 stars

The Good?

No Fees.

Amazing customer service.

Great exchange rates.

The Bad?

Only 59 currencies available.

Limited Mobile App functionality.


Torfx (Tor Currency Exchange LTD.) have been moving money around the world since 2004 and with a number of customer services awards they are a company that many businesses have been trusting for good reasons.

Their website is simple to use and as they are all about customer service they offer you a free quote to help ensure you are getting the best exchange rate, experience and have all your expectation set on when you can expect your transfer.

Transfer are made securely and most people describe experiences of saving 2 – 4% compared with other money transfer providers. Businesses can also benefit from risk management services and obtain daily updates on exchange rates.

Whilst this is one of the most compelling money transfer services we have seen we would love to see this move to become a more mobile money mobile payment friendly offering to keep pace with the real time demands of the modern world.

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