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Apple iPhone 7 Mobile Payment Phone Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 2 February 2018

Apple iPhone 7 Mobile Payment Phone

Apple iPhone 7 - Apple Pay Mobile Payment Phone Review

4.0 stars

The Good?

Apple Pay ready.

Integrates with other Apple products.

Water resistant.

The Bad?

Limited battery life.

Screen cracks.

Does not work with Android Pay and Samsung Pay.


Surprise surprise, the iPhone 7 is the fastest iPhone yet. It also now boasts waterproofing just incase you have previously destroyed a phone dropping it in the bath or down a toilet. There is also a new Apple watch series 2 for better integration and enhanced options for your Apple wearables making exercise and navigation more effective and also waterproof up to 50m.

Apple pay and their mobile payment wallet has been available since the iPhone 6 – I think we can expect a big focus on Apple Pay for the iPhone 8 which is likely due to be launched in September 2017 after the announcement of Apple Pay adding P2P (Person to Person) payments in iMessage with iOS 11.

Apple announced that it is removing the 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7 – you must now use wireless headphones connected via Bluetooth.

As always the camera on the iPhone 7 is incredible – now showing off with a 3D wide angle Camera and some of the best images ever captured on an Apple device. Once again negating the need to ever really need to carry around a separate camera – That is as long as you have a spare battery charge as the battery life will not last that long with all that snapping.

For me the iPhone 7 release is not a blow away upgrade but there are some neat features mainly on the camera and we are starting to see the foundations for Apples progression into the payment market with enhancements to Apple Pay.

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