What Mobile Payment Features

What Mobile Payment aims to provide a breakdown on the current world of Mobile Payments, their uses and how they benefit individuals or businesses.

Mobile Payment Phone

Mobile Payment Phones

As more and more of us carry smart phones these are becoming critical in the adoption of mobile payments. Most people notice their mobile phone is missing within 10 minutes whereas hours can pass before you notice you have miss placed your wallet.

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Mobile Payment App

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile phones and Mobile apps are opening doors for many new ways to make payments explore some of the best and most innovative apps available.

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Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments For You

We explain and compare some of the most popular mobile payment technologies available, how they might benefit you, and how you can best take advantage of them.

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Mobile Business Pay

Mobile Payments For Business

Many businesses are finding uses for mobile payments from increasing sales to expanding globally the opportunities are endless. We explore some of the cutting edge mobile money solutions.

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Best Mobile Pay Business Benefits
Three benefits for your business when you start accepting mobile payment.

Customer Loyalty

With many competing mobile payment methods on offer to customers you can encourage customers to shop with your preferred method by offering rewards or vouchers whilst completing a purchase and advertise offers when they return to your business again in the future.


Mobile payment are embracing the latest encryption and technical security standards so you can be confident customers are protected and your business will be getting paid for the goods or services delivered.


As mobile payment are looking to simplify to movement of money between people and businesses this ultimately makes it much cheaper for all involved. They also make it easier for people to make a purchase when they see your products advertised.

Mobile Pay Ecosystem

Digital Payments Ecosystem

In the most basic form mobile payments allow the transfer of funds between a money sender and a money receiver, either being a person or a business. There are a number of different mobile devices, mobile apps and mobile networks that can be used to facilitate and settle that payment.

Mobile Payment Phones
There are 3 key things to consider when choosing a smart phone; manufacturer, associated operating system and your Telecommunications provider.


Apple are currently the only manufacturer to produce their own phone and operating system but Samsung have market share with approx. 25% of global phone sales. There are also some fine offerings from Nokia and Sony. Google has formed partnerships with LG, Motorola and HTC for their Nexus range but each manufacturer still have phones outside of this partnership.

Operating System

The market share is currently dominated by 3 players Google’s Android (84.6%) having largest market share, followed by Apple iOS (11.9%) and Window’s (2.7%) There are some small challenges from Mozilla’s Firefox OS and there are rumours that Facebook are also trying to develop a mobile operating system.

Telecommunications provider

In the UK there are 3 mobile telecommunication network operators; O2 owned by telefonica, Vodafone and EE (a merger between Orange and T-mobile) there are also the following brands utilising these networks; 3, Talkmobile, Virgin Mobile, Asda Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Lebara and GiffGaff.