What Mobile Payment Guide Mobile Payment Guide for business

What is a mobile payment?

In its simplest form it is how money is moved from point a to point b using mobile devices. This can be person to person (P2P), person to business (P2B), Business to Business (B2B) or in some scenarios Business to Person (B2P). As we are now quite used to trusting the information within our mobile phones and understanding that it is secure we are now a lot more comfortable using them to pay.

How does my business benefit from mobile payments?

Businesses have always found it hard to give up on cash but when the internet came along it was a massive loss to not be able to do business online. As e-commerce has evolved so too has a businesses need to ensure they can accept money exactly how the customer wants to pay. This could be via Debit of credit card, Paypal or when face to face the old faithful cash. How many times has your business been confronted with a customer who just does not have the cash to buy your product? Now most of us always carry a mobile and can easily authorise ourselves and make a payment if we so wish. Merchants and payment providers are now finding very clever ways to combine the payment process with loyalty options to ensure a great customer experience and satisfaction. We have been familiar with the Tesco club card for years, they have now created Tesco pay+ combining their longstanding popular loyalty option with a mobile payment system. One of our personal favorites is Uber where you don't even notice the payment experience, payment just happens when you get out of the taxi, no awkward fumbling for coins or how much of a tip you should pay. Is your business maximizing sales by ensuring you have the payment method your customers want to pay with, face to face or online and are you providing the best loyalty options and a great customer experience?

How do mobile payments work for us, people or consumers?

Mobile phones are almost at the point of replacing our wallet, we can store vouchers and other information within them negating the need for our wallet. People normally notice their phone missing long before they would if they missed placed their wallet. As technology has advanced we are now a lot more comfortable using chip and pin card which has now evolved into contactless cards. This same secure technology is also enabling card numbers to be stored securely within mobile phones so you can now just tap you phone at most merchants across the UK. There are also a number of other innovative mobile payment types that have been created like Starbucks with their popular QR code, we have now seen the introduction of Apple Pay, Samsung pay and the recently re-branded Google Pay all looking to be able to store your card information and make payments. The most popular mobile payment in the UK is still Paypal which has become very familiar for secure online shopping.

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Mobile Payment Features - Free Mobile Money Transfer and Best Mobile Business Payment

What mobile payment Guide to the best mobile payment for business mobile payment acceptance. Accept card payments on a mobile card reader or explore how to take more payments for your business to ensure it's success.

What mobile payment providers are there?

Whilst the mobile payment industry is growing there are numerous companies performing trials on differing offerings and solutions, the whole payment eco-system is currently being re-established due to all the alternate use cases available with current uptake in mobile utilisation.

What mobile payment phone do I need to get started?

Most modern mobile phones and tablets can be used to perform mobile payments please have a look at a selection of phones we have found.

How much do mobile payments cost?

There are a number of payment plans available dependent on your specific provider and mobile payment type and you should always review your specific mobile payment or mobile network providers terms and conditions where a clear fee summary should be provided.

Where can I use mobile payments?

Mobile payments have initially seen their growth using existing Mobile operator networks and online websites however we are now seeing businesses and your traditional brick and mortar shops and business adopting mobile payment solutions. After reading our website keep an eye out for some of the companies when you are next shopping on the high street or online, or try some mobile payment providers and some of the great offers they have when using their products at businesses.

What happens if my mobile payment phone is stolen or I lose it?

You should always look to understand the process of what to do in the event of losing your phone, most providers should be able to provide you access to you money by alternate means or secure your funds until you have access to your new mobile device.

Are mobile payments secure?

One of the largest benefits of mobile payments are the numerous ways to secure them using modern technologies. It is always useful to have a general understanding of the general process your payment is following and I hope this website helps provide some clarity. General mobile security should always be adopted where possible:

Never reveal your passwords - Always keep your passwords personal to you and do not divulge them.
Always purchase your apps from official sources - Most operating systems have their own official stores Apple iTunes mobile app store for iphones, Android mobile apps on Google Play and mobile Apps for Windows, for Windows mobile devices.
Be aware when in public places - Consider securing your device with a pin or security feature. Always be cautious of people looking over your shoulder and never leave your phone unattended. Always log out of secure apps.
Install updates - Keep all your apps up-to-date to ensure they will always have the newest features and current security.
Emails and SMS - be cautious clicking on links in emails and SMS, you should never send personal security information over email or SMS.

In what countries can I use mobile payments?

Mobile payments are continuing to obtain wider acceptance and are intended to be accepted globally. Be sure to check with your specific provider on where payments can be sent and received.

Do I need a bank account for mobile payments?

No, there are numerous eMoney account providers that have pioneered some of the early mobile payment solutions and now more traditional banks and financial institutions and providers have started to adopt or define their own systems.

Can I use mobile payments in other currency?

Mobile payments can be used to transfer between currencies and great care should be taken to ensure you check the exchange rate used and any associated fees from the provider, please ensure you read your providers terms and conditions and fee summary.

Mobile payment guide for business. Find out how businesses can use mobile money transfer. compare the best mobile payment acceptance for business. Accept card payments on your mobile.

Coffee Shops can accept mobile payment and pop-up shops can take mobile payments, pop-up stores can maximise sales with mobile payments, pop-up retail or flash retailing, modern market, Pop up market stalls need easy ways to take payments.

Compare best mobile payments for Retail Stores, businesses need to accept all kinds of payments from customer to ensure customer expectation is met when paying with mobile phones and using digital payments.

Many people now pay with a mobile payment for food delivery, businesses can maximise orders accepting customer mobile payment choice which can be a number of different mobile payment ways

Many businesses can benefit from mobile payments like; Builders, Beauty Salons, hairdressers, plumbers, window cleaners, gardeners, pop-up shop, web shop.

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