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iZettle Mobile Card Reader


iZettle - Card/Mobile Payment Acceptance

The all-new iZettle Card Reader takes card and contactless payments in seconds – wherever and whenever.iZettle - START ACCEPTING PAYMENTS TODAY

The free business mobile payment app is the powerful mobile point of sale system that helps you grow your business by more than 15% * each year. Whether your mobile business occupies a shop, a studio or a slice of pavement, the mobile payment reader allows you to take card and contactless mobile payments in a beautiful package. The better way to get paid.

Get valuable sales stats, manage your inventory and create stronger customer relationships – all without having to deal with contracts, monthly fees or bankers in pinstripe suits.

With no setup fees, transparent pricing and next-day deposits, getting paid quickly is now easier than ever. Pair it with your smartphone or tablet in seconds – and never miss out on a sale again.

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* compared to the EUR average of 3%

Sumup Mobile Card Reader


Sumup - Card/Mobile Payment Acceptance

Accept all debit and credit cards and even take Apple Pay Mobile Payments. The SumUp Card Reader Connects to your mobile via Bluetooth. Compatible with iOS / Android smartphones and tablets.SumUp - ENABLE your business TODAY

No fixed costs - Only pay 1.69% per transaction. Payouts go directly into your bank account. Some of the BEST monthly fees on the market.

Signup in 5 minutes - 100% online. No fixed contract. No paperwork. SumUp uses the highest levels of security when accepting payments and processing money. So both you and your customers can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

A Point of Sale that means business for:

✓ Coffee Shops

✓ Retail Stores

✓ Food Delivery

✓ Beauty Salons

Accept payments for your business anywhere.

Whilst we are now all familiar with the chip and pin point of sale card terminal many more of us are happy to tap our card using contactless technology. There are now many ways to load your card or use your bank account by tapping your phone on these terminals.

Businesses are now finding it much easier to accept money from their customers by ensuring they can accept whatever payment is available either card, contactless or mobile payment.

These are small devices you can link up to your mobile payment phone or tablet to accept mobile payments for your business wherever you have mobile signal. Perfect for a business on the go.

How can my business accept mobile payments?

It has never been easier to accept mobile payments for your business, if you already have a MOBILE PAYMENT PHONE and are a sole trader, limited company, partnership or charity you just need a business bank account. You will also need and a payment service provider (PSP) or mobile card reader.

How much does mobile payment acceptance cost?

Mobile payment system costs depend on how complicated your solution is. A simple mobile payment card reader can be as little as £30 and anything up to £100. The monthly costs are also variable and typically a percentage of the monthly payments you take. Starting at 2-3% per month and dropping to as little a 1% if you are taking around £40-50,000 a month.

What is a Mobile Card Reader?

What Mobile Payment has found some of the best mobile payment devices on the market. You will normally buy a small devices that allows you to accept credit and debit card payments using a mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone.

The card or mobile reader is usually connected wirelessly to the mobile device using a Bluetooth connection. A customers payment card is inserted into a special slot in the reader which allows the payment card's chip to be read. The customer will authorise the transaction by entering their 4 digit PIN into the device's keypad. Most devices now also support contactless and mobile payments.

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices, particularly the iPad and iPhone, mobile card readers are becoming as normal as credit card machines it all just depends if your customer will now want to tap their card or their phone.

What types of mobile payment acceptance are available?

Mobile Card Reader

NFC - Merchant advises customer the amount to be paid. Customers then “tap” their mobile payment phone on the reader. In some instances, customers may need to enter a PIN into their phone, use their fingerprint or authenticate the transaction setup with their chosen payment provider.

Mobile Terminal

P2P(Peer to Peer or Person to Person) - Customers apply for a secure account with a payment service provider, often assigning their main bank account or credit card to transfer and accept funds. From the Mobile App, customers can choose to send money to the merchant’s account to pay for goods or services. Users are generally identified by their email address or mobile number.

Mobile Money Transfer

QR Code:

Type A: merchants generate a transaction for the full payment amount (Maybe a restaurant). Customers then open a Mobile App and a QR Code generated for the transaction. Merchants then scan the QR Code, and the amount is deducted from the customer’s wallet.

Type B: customers use a Mobile App to scan the QR Code displayed by a merchant. The Mobile App is able to identify the merchant. Customers then add the amount to initiate and complete the payment.