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World Remit Mobile Money Transfer Account

£0.99 + Exchange

World Remit - Money Transfer

Your money’s in safe hands with World Remit World Remit - TRANSFER MONEY SECURELY.

It’s hard to be thousands of miles away from the people you care about. But it needn’t be hard to send money back to them. With WorldRemit it’s easy. SEE HOW EASY IT IS!

Your money’s there in an instant – because they are already there

They always get your money to the people you love fast. How? They already hold funds in all the countries they send to, so there’s no wait. And, as soon as your transaction’s complete, you and your recipient will be alerted with an SMS and email.

Transferwise International Money Transfer Account


TransferWise - International Transfer

These are the open and honest people when it comes to sending money. TRANSFERWISE - THE SMARTEST WAY TO SEND MONEY SECURELY ABROAD.

They have a company ethos all about educating people how money transfers work and how other companies make their money and keep their fee's very simple. FIND OUT HOW IT WORKS!

Unlike other who charge a small fee and a marked up exchange rate they have a static 0.7% fee of the transfer and use the exchange rate used by google and reuters.

TransferGo Mobile Money Transfer

£0.99 + Exchange

TransferGo - Money Transfer

Your money will be delivered on the next business day. TransferGo - SEND MONEY NOW.

At TransferGo you can always see the final amount that your recipient will receive, so there are no surprises, unlike on some occasions when you're using your regular bank. They shoulder all the risks for currency fluctuation, so you always know how much you will have to pay for the transfer, and the final deliverable amount. Transfer today for tomorrow.

Their FX mark-ups are from 0.2% to 0.65% plus just a 0.99p transfer fee. There are absolutely no additional or hidden fees and your destination amount is guaranteed i.e. not affect by FX fluctuations against you.

They inform you about the status of your transfer along the way, so you are always up to date.

TorFX Money FX Transfer


TorFX - Money Transfer

Find out how much you could save on your money transfer TorFX - GET YOUR FREE QUOTE..

There are many reasons why businesses engage in currency exchange and international payments. Whether your business is paying for imported goods, receiving payment for goods or services sold abroad, paying overseas staff, repatriating overseas earnings, or simply making a one-off purchase, TorFX can help. SAVE MONEY TODAY!

The currency market can be volatile and without careful management even routine exchange rate fluctuations can impact your company’s profitability. If you want to protect your bottom line, we can help you take a proactive approach to managing your foreign exchange exposures.

Forward Contracts – allowing you to fix your exchange rate for a future currency need, even if you don’t have all the funds available today.

Order Types – so you can buy your currency at a predetermined level, or set a maximum or minimum buying rate.

Free transfers – with no hidden costs.

Excellent exchange rates – consistently saving you money.

What are the typical fees to send money internationally?

The most common fee structure is usually a one-off fee plus an exchange rate that may or may not also have a mark-up ranging between 1% - 3% above the mid-market rate.

Should I use a bank to transfer money to another country?

Banks are typically still used for large money transfers due to the security and handling of the funds although there are a number of new fintech entrants that are quite capable of handling large sums of money, just be sure to check the fee structures first..

How do I know my money is safe transferring money from one country to another?

Ensure the money service provider you are using is regulated by the relevant national competent authority. In the UK this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If in Europe ensure the company follows European Payment Services Directive rules designed to protect customers who use payment services.