TransferWise International Money Transfer Account

TransferWise Money Transfer Account

TransferWise Money Transfer Account - Best way to send money internationally

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TransferWise is the lowest cost and fairest way of transferring money internationally. Using peer-to-peer technology and without any hidden charges, it makes sending money abroad up to eight times cheaper compared to using a bank. TransferWise are always transparent about the total charge and they make that as low as they can.

You can send money from 35 countries and receive money in 60 countries, a total of over 650 routes.

TransferWise has over a million customers.

Customers are transferring more than £1 billion every month through TransferWise and saving more than £1m every day compared to using other providers.


TransferWise Personal Money Transfer.

TransferWise Business Money Transfer.


When you transfer money internationally, banks and brokers often hide the real cost so you end up paying more in fees than you thought you were going to. With these guys money never crosses borders so they can cut out extortionate bank charges.


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