SumUp Card Reader

Sumup Mobile Card Reader

Sumup Card Reader - Business Mobile Payment Acceptance

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SumUp are the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe. Having started out in 2012 and building a payment service from scratch to shake up the industry and wake up the entrepreneur within anyone. They created a unique device that with a basic mobile smartphone that’s in your pocket, allows small merchants to accept card payments and mobile payments anywhere.

Fully-certified EMV mPOS system.

Accepts all cards and Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay.

100% Online, no contracts.


EMV Mobile Card Reader.

API/SDK integration.


Whether you are a merchant brewing coffee or fixing cars, SumUp have a technology that anyone can use - so their merchants can get on with what they do best. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses in 16 countries around the world rely on SumUp to get paid. Alongside their original hardware, mobile and web apps, they have gone on to develop a suite of APIs and SDKs for integrating SumUp payment into other mobile apps and services.

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