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iZettle Mobile Card Reader Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 13 February 2018

iZettle Mobile Card Reader

iZettle Mobile Card Reader - Business Mobile Payment Acceptance Review

4.0 stars

The Good?

Probably the best mobile payment app for accepting card payments.

Also Accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay.

It gets cheaper the more you use it.

The Bad?

Extra cost for the receipt printer.

Support only available 9-5 weekdays.


As new businesses, we all know customers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. It has always been hard for small businesses to accept the same variety of payments from our customers as we usually need the money from selling our good or services straight away and it has usually taken days to see the money from card payments from the traditional big banks merchant acquiring accounts. This is where iZettle are looking to change that…

The iZettle mobile card reader is helping small pop-up businesses, builders and hairdressers to take card and mobile payments and see the money in there bank faster than ever before. Their small card reader takes all the common payments you would find your customers used to, like Visa and Mastercard and also the new mobile payment types like apple pay, android pay and Samsung pay.

The card reader can be set up in just a few minutes linking to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It can last approx. 8 hours and is easily charged enabling your business to take contactless card payments and mobile payments with settlement to your bank account next day.

There is no need for the usual merchant acquiring bank account which is often a very long, complicated and expensive process. All payments are encrypted and the devices comply to PCI PTS 4.1, the highest industry standard. iZettle also offers transaction protection for you that covers you up to £250 in eligible chargebacks per month.

This is a great alternative to your traditional Point of Sale (POS) system with state-of-the-art security, start selling your business products or services at festivals or in another location outside your store today.

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