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Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Payment Phone Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 15 February 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Payment Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile Payment Phone - Mobile Phone Payment Review

4.5 stars

The Good?

Great high definition display.

Brilliant battery life.

Android Pay and Samsung Pay ready.

The Bad?

Temperamental finger print reader.

Does not work with Apple Pay.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been released with Samsung 'Infinity Display' there is no home button and all navigation buttons are displayed on the beautiful screen. These are the first mobiles to be certified with the Mobile HDR Premium standard displays for amzing resolution of videos and images.

The phone boasts a fantastic camera with a multi-frame Processor, allowing the ability to shoot multiple images and combine them seamlessly for some great artistic creativity and photography.

It has an amazing battery life whilst it is the same 3000 mAh batter as an iPhone 7 we have found that an iPhone 7 dies after 4 hours 35mins continuous use when the Galaxy S8 still has 39% battery left after the same usage.

Whilst Android Pay the mobile payment wallet has been available on many phones with the Android operating system this phone comes with Iris scanner and facial recognition surely for securing the newly emerging Samsung Pay which is getting launched in many countries across the world and used by tapping your phone on contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminals in stores.

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