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World Remit Mobile Money Transfer Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 16 March 2018

World Remit Money Transfer

World Remit Mobile Money Account Transfer - Mobile Payment Transfer Review

4.0 stars

The Good?

Very simple to use.

Fast and Secure.

Compatible with Android Pay.

The Bad?

Customer service support can be better.

Large amounts can delay transfer time.


Worldremit was launched in 2010 and has had over £150m invested in the company so you can be sure your money is safe. You are able to easily send money between 125 countries. You can choose between four methods to send your money; cash pickup, bank deposit, Mobile Money or Airtime top-up.

It is easy to send money from a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, day or night. You can choose to send your money from bank accounts, for cash pickup, to a Mobile Money service also known as mobile wallets and you are also able to add to mobile airtime top-up.

As Worldremit holds money in many countries, most customers enjoy money transfers instantly. Some can take longer, depending on how the money is being received. The amount of money you are able to send depends on which country you live in and where you are sending your money. This is due to countries having differing rules and restrictions for money transfers.

There is a flat fee of £0.99 per transfer and you are able to easily check the best exchange rate and limits for your preferred transfer, just visit their website and enter how much you would like to send into their easy to use calculator. Your transfer summary and options will be clearly displayed and tell you on options available to you.

As Worldremit are now processing over 500,000 transactions a month securely with many happy customers this is a mobile payment service that should be considered for sending your mobile money home.

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