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SumUp Mobile Card Reader Review

by What Mobile Payment

Posted on 05 April 2018

Sumup Mobile Card Reader

SumUp Mobile Card Reader - Business Mobile Payment Acceptance Review

4.0 stars

The Good?

Simple fixed pricing structure.

Cheapest soloution if your business is taking less than £5000 a month.

The Bad?

Restricted to a single card reader.


Sumup has been around since 2012, in 2016 it merged with European rival payleven allowing many small and medium businesses around the world one of the easiest ways to start accepting card payments via mobile phones.

Due to its pricing structure the most likely businesses to benefit from Sumup are those taking card and mobile payments less than £5000 per month so if you are a small shop doing a summer festival or a builder, plumber, hairdresser, window cleaner or gardener this could be the best way to ensure you always get paid. If your business is bigger there is likely a more cost-effective alternative like iZettle.

The Sumup Air Card Reader can be used for all types of payments: chip, pure magstripe, and contactless NFC payments. No need to switch between mobile card terminals. No matter how your customer wants to pay, the SumUp mobile card terminal covers it all.

The company aligns with highest card payment industry security standards keeping you and your customers safe: PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), all transactions are encrypted using SSl (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

All in you can have your card reader and be accepting mobile payments or card payments in 3-4 days and have settled transactions in your bank in 5 – 7 days for a reasonable 1.69% of your payments taken.

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