U Account Mobile Money Account

U Account Mobile Money Manager - Mobile Money Account

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U presents the U Account, a new digital personal account from Ffrees Family Finance Ltd. The account offers direct debits, a contactless debit card, a money manager, and features 3 price points (Free, £5 and £10 per month).

Money Manager Mobile Application.

Budgeting tools.

Mobile loyalty cashback rewards, 1 Point = £1.


Budget Control.

Mobile Payment contactless card.

Mobile Travel Account.


U is a brand new digital personal account designed specifically for you. With this new account, you get access to a contactless U Mastercard® Card which you are able to use anywhere you see the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark and withdraw cash at any ATM globally. You can set up and manage direct debits and standing orders, as well as make payments online and create up to 20 Extra Accounts in 1 to allow you to budget more efficiently.


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